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Share your holiday wishes and dreams with Santa Claus. Whether it’s a special gift or a heartfelt message, let Santa know what you’re hoping for this Christmas.

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Send Your Letter to Santa

Welcome to our magical letter-sending page! Here, you can write a special letter to Santa Claus and share your Christmas wishes. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Santa is eager to hear from you. Fill out the form below and let the magic of the North Pole bring your dreams to life!

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A Magical Response from Santa

Dear Friend,

Thank you for sending your heartfelt letter to Santa Claus! The elves are already busy reading your wishes and preparing something special just for you. The North Pole is buzzing with excitement, and Santa himself is thrilled to hear from you. Remember, the magic of the holiday season is all around us, and your letter has added an extra sparkle to our festivities. Stay kind, stay joyful, and keep believing in the magic of Christmas!

Warm holiday wishes,
The North Pole Team

Photo of Crystal Clearwater reading electronic mail from one of Santa's fans.