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Discover the incredible team behind the magic of Christmas. From Santa Claus to the hardworking elves, learn about the people who make the holidays special.

Spreading Joy and Cheer

At Northern Lights Entertainment, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and their team of elves work tirelessly to spread joy and holiday cheer around the world. Santa Claus oversees the operations, ensuring every child’s wish is heard and fulfilled. Mrs. Claus brings warmth and kindness, making sure everyone feels the magic of Christmas. Our dedicated elves, each with their unique talents, create toys, manage the reindeer, and prepare for the big night. Together, they make the impossible possible, bringing smiles to faces young and old.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the wonderful individuals who make Christmas magical. Each team member plays a vital role in ensuring the spirit of the holidays is felt worldwide.

Santa Claus

Chief Joy Officer

Mrs. Claus

Heart of Christmas

Buddy the Elf

Head Toymaker

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